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Coming to a home you love

Easy as One -Two -Clean..


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Air Conditioning Units

Transform your home into a cool summer retreat with the latest cooling technology designed to never skip a heat


Up to 73% rate in energy efficiency with Samsung's smart line of eco-efficient ACs is the latest in things that just got a whole lot better.


Fast automatic cooling, temperature adjustment and dehumidifcation for crisper than ever air - delivered through built-in smart features. 


Download the SmartThings app for remote control anytime and anywhere,  so you can just come home and chill.


Now how cool is that.

Built to last. 

Durable anti-corrosion technology, power-saving modes, multi flow and speed ranges make Concord a champion in optimal cooling and efficiency. 

Dual hot & cold feature switches between cooling and heating effortlessly to cover all  temperature needs in one.





Efficiency is sustainable heat at guaranteed power without compromise.

Built-in to automatically switch between power-saving and use.  


Available systems at various power and price ranges to cover needs of all building types.

Our experts' choices include: 

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You spoke and we listened.


Hot water on demand guaranteed with ever efficient tankless technology, guaranteed to save you space and emission.


For households and businesses with higher consumption needs, endless hot water supply is available with the classic tank option.

Find out which trusted systems are best suited for your home, office or business space with the help of our technicians. 


Our experts' selections include:



Less is more with all your home heating needs in one for your radiant heating system.  

Combi Boilers Available. Home heating and tankless hot water on demand in one 

We will help you find the right one for your home with various selections designed for your home's size and heating needs. 

Energy-star certified selections from: 



Instant heat readily adjustable at any temperature upgrades any indoor or outdoor space into an ambiance-ready company.

Nothing says welcome, come stay a bit longer better than an inviting crackling fire

Keep it classic with traditional wood-fire for a cozy homecoming, or effortlessly modern retreat with innovative minimalistic designs . 

Full installations and warranty available with industry leading selections from:

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